An Australia farmer becomes overwhelmed by the pressures of family, finance and relentless drought

Rob is a young farmer struggling under the relentless pressures of the Australian drought. Rob and his wife Sophie are both strong characters. As their livelihood is threatened, their relationship begins to suffer. Throughout their struggle Rob always seems to remain positive and constantly tries to support his wife. However the pressure is slowly getting to him and he is left with a choice that no one should have to face.


Played by Matt Oxley

Farmer in his mid 30s. He is genuine, caring, hard working and sacrificial. Rob loves being a farmer and finds his identity in his livelihood. He also loves his wife Sophie and would do anything to make her happy.


Played by Jacqui Buchanan

Farmer in her mid 30s. She is strong willed, stubborn and not afraid to speak her mind. She loves her husband Rob and respects him very much. Rob is her anchor, she can always turn to him for moral support and a good laugh.



Financial stress has been well-established as a primary cause for stress, depression and suicide for farmers.

With over double the amount of suicide then metropolitan areas, farmers are the most vulnerable people when it comes to depression and suicide.  Given the added pressures of drought, commodity prices and other financial stress, there is little wonder why anyone would doubt these statistics.

In May 2015 Dr Andrew Wilkinson B Psych (Hons) completed his thesis, "Battling the black dog on farm: Sleep deprivation and stressors in agriculture" after conducting numerous surveys with farmers in VIC, NSW and QLD to identify areas of need for further research.  


In summary, the findings revealed work related stressors, finance and isolation were key predictors of psychological stress.However, sleep deprivation was even stronger. The findings also suggest that future research must acknowledge the heterogeneity of farming groups.



Mental health is a serious issue and even more so in the rural communities

Rob is a young farmer struggling under the pressure of the Australian drought. Rob and his wife Sophie are a strong together but when their livelihood is threatened their relationship begins to suffer.

Mental health is a serious issue and even more so in the rural communities.  The film’s objective is to bring light to the issue of depression and suicide. We will see how the slow build of pressure can leave someone feeling hopeless and with no other option. The film will show that even the most positive people can be suffering on the inside.

It is the creators vision that the film will resonate with audiences to educate society on how mental health effects even our rural family, friends and cousins. The team envisage the film will be screened at approved film festivals around the nation, and even reaching out to the broader remote communities to share this purposeful message. 




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